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The Curse of Albina Woods

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In order to save her eldest sister from The White Lady of the Albina Woods, reluctant queen, Kailyn, must find a way to end the winter curse that has plagued her kingdom for many years. With the help of her other sister, best friend, and a mysterious wolf, Kailyn embarks on a dangerous journey where they encounter several elementals that protect and keep the forest, and Kailyn begins to uncover a way to end the curse. Through it all, Kailyn must not only save her sister, but find the strength and confidence to rule the kingdom.


All images used are not my own.

They are inspirational images only I found on Pinterest, so they are the property of their respective owners. Click on each image to view the artists & mPinterest Inspiration board for more inspiration images

If you are one of these artists and want your artwork removed, please email me.

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