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Works In Progress

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Book 1: Divine Witches

YA Paranormal

Status: Self-Publishing

in 2021

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Book 2: Divine Witches

YA Paranormal 

Status: Drafting

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Short Story Prequel to

The Destine Divines

(Perk for Indieogogo Contributors)

Status: Revising

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YA Urban Fantasy


Status: Drafting

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YA Fantasy

Status: Revising

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Exclusive Project

(members only)

YA Fantasy

Status: Revising


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This book contains medical information on Aniridia Syndrome & WAGR Syndrome along with personal stories from those affected by these conditions. Available at or

With each purchase, a small percentage of profits go to the non-profit organization Aniridia Foundation International to help with research and more to aid those affected with Aniridia Syndrome. To order your copy today, click on the picture of book.