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Weeks after The Torven murdered their friends, Meg and Landen are still reeling from the betrayal that led them to that fateful night. Now, they must travel to the decaying and war-torn magical city of Dark Boston to fulfill the prophecy of the Destined Divines. But dealing with their grief, insecurities, and increasingly powerful Divine Witch bond isn't easy, especially when they’re immediately separated during an attack by an army of monsters. 

Hiding amongst rebel witches, Meg becomes entangled in the search for the unique crystals needed to defeat The Torven’s conjurer, Carmith. During her explorations, Meg learns of Carmith's ominous rise to power and reign of magical suppression over Dark Boston. As she tries to find a way to free Landen from Carmith’s prison, Meg discovers a key to restoring the city. But saving Landen will force Meg to accept the inner truths she’s been hiding from herself and others for months.

Trapped in prison and fatally hexed by Carmith, Landen’s running out of time. But knowing Carmith’s estranged daughter has its advantages for Landen. New potential allies come to his rescue and guide Landen through the city in search of Meg, so she can use their magical bond to eradicate the hex. As Landen attempts to find Meg, his new friends are mortally wounded. While he fights for his life and theirs, shocking truths come to light that will force him to face the trauma of his past and accept his witch lineage.

To survive Dark Boston and return home, Meg and Landen must learn to use their bond and accept their destiny. Only united with their Divine Witch bond can they stop Carmith before she destroys the city and everyone in it.

Bane Sisterhood (5).png

The five founding families of Dark Boston use specific crystals and possess certain magical gifts.


Find out what magical gifts you'd have in the Divine Witches world and which Sisterhood you belong in by taking the Sisterhood quiz.

Meet the Five Sisterhoods of Dark Boston (2).png
Witches of Dark Boston.png

Meet the Witches & Shifters of Dark Boston

Who will help and who will betray?


All images used in the above aesthetic are not my own.

They are inspirational images only I found on Pinterest, so they are the property of their respective owners. Click on each image to view the artists & mPinterest Inspiration board for more inspiration images

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