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Riddled with anxiety and guilt, all seventeen-year-old Meg wants is to forget her grief-filled past and ace her coveted dance audition. All goes according to plan until a startling vision of a phantom attacking a bloodied stranger causes her to collapse during a crucial move. Injured and disappointed, Meg tries to convince herself that it was just a hallucination brought on by a seizure.


But when Meg attends a new school and meets the boy she saw in the vision, she isn’t sure what to believe anymore. And that’s only the beginning of bizarre things happening in Meg’s life: the phantom from the vision and a desolate city with crystal towers haunt her nightmares, a hidden room in a historic manor reveals dark secrets, and the spirit of a young woman warns Meg of horror to come.

Except, the horror strikes sooner than expected, and Meg realizes she’s entangled in something far beyond her comprehension. As Meg struggles to tie these strange events together, she must overcome her inner demons of anxiety and self-doubt before the phantom of her nightmares destroys her and all she holds dear.

The Destined Divines is the first book in the Divine Witches duology. Full of twists and turns, unique magic, a touch of romance, and endearingly flawed characters, this YA Paranormal Fantasy is perfect for fans of Sarra Cannon’s, The Shadow Demons Saga, Libba Bray’s, The Diviners,

and Kim Chance’s, Keeper.

Delia Jones

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Meg Daly

Landen Reed

Gage Moore

Jade Evans

Jacen Blackwell

Wynne Hughes

Tommy Williams



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