Some dreams shouldn’t come true.

Seventeen year old, Meg Daly, seeks a new beginning in the seaside town of Port Paxton. But when terrifying visions begin to plague her, and a parasitic phantom bent on killing witches invades her dreams, Meg realizes she’s entangled in something far beyond her comprehension. With the help of an unlikely new friend, Meg discovers she’s a Divine Witch destined to eradicate the phantom.

But can Meg harness her powers with crystals and overcome self doubt before the phantom kills her new friends?

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The Destined Divines

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Beta Readers' Feedback

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"I found your book very entertaining, enjoyable, interesting, and a fun exciting read. I don't usually read YA books, so know you have done a fine job in keeping my interest."

"The idea behind The Torven was a great antagonist. Something ancient with a back story. Mixing old stories with the new."

"I thoroughly enjoyed Meg as the heroine. For her to be young, bright and strong but with her insecurities made her very likable and relatable."

"There were a lot of twists and turns that kept me guessing and I didn't see most of them coming."

"My heart was racing through this whole chapter. It is still beating faster than normal. What a dream/premonition!"  

"I really love the story you've written, J.J.! I was honestly captivated right down to the last moment. I can't wait for what you do with these characters next." 

"Too many YA books have a lonely MC with no friends or just one and it's boring. You have defeated that cliche and I love that."

"I really enjoyed the book! The storyline was unique and interesting. Meg was a super relatable character. She was strong yet unsure at times and needed her support system. I would recommend it to people for sure."


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