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Crystals used in Rhythm of the Stars

Diamond Rainbow Moonstone Shape Gem.jpg

Rainbow Moonstone – Seren’s stone and one of Meg’s birthstones. Meg wears a necklace with her birthstones: rainbow moonstone, pearl, and Alexandrite. Later she wears bracelets with many other crystals.

A moonstone is a talisman of the inward journey. It calms and encourages, and teaches us the natural rhythms of life. It’s an amulet of protection for travelers, a channel for prophecy, and a path to wisdom. A rainbow moonstone can aid in lucid dreaming. The Moonstone honors Ceridwen, the Welsh goddess of inspiration and knowledge. She rules the gifts of prophecy and magic. Also, the moonstone is yin to the sunstone. Meg’s gifts revolve around mental powers such as telekinesis, premonitions, etc.

closeup of sample of natural mineral from geological collection - polished Sunstone (helio

Sunstone – Sunstone carries yang energy and balances with the yin of Moonstone. It is a stone of leadership, personal power, and freedom. Sunstone can bring openness, warmth, strength, mental and clarity. 

collection of various tumbled green jade mineral stones (nephrite and jadeite) isolated on

Blue Jade - Some believe that jade represents elements of virtue, happiness, courage, purity, longevity, wealth and wisdom. It’s thought that jade can bring good fortune to many areas of your life, and it can also open your mind and bring guidance and wisdom.

Diamond Rhodolite Garnet Shape Cushion Emerald Heart Marquise Octagon Checkerboard Oval Pe

Garnet – Garnet is intimately tied to the Earth, and is a talisman of protection and strength. 

Amethyst Stone Purple Colors Oval Shaped.jpg

Amethyst – Amethyst is called the “All-healer,” so it is one of the most effective crystals for healing. It can also calm and soothe. Amethyst can help with addictions, and is nature’s tranquilizer.

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