Dream Cast for

Rhythm of the Stars

If it was ever made into a movie or show these are the actors/musicians and actresses I can see as the characters.

Meg Daly
Lucy Hale
Landen Reed 
Shawn Mendes
(with blue eyes)
Jade Evans
Bailey Madison
Tommy Williams
Brain Craig
Gage Moore
Noah Centineo
Wynne Hughs
Madison Pettis
Delia Jones
Hannah Waites
Jacen Blackwell
Tyler Blackburn
(with light blue eyes)
Charlotte Reed
Lauren Graham
Blake Daly
Donnie Wahlberg


All images used are not my own.

They are inspirational images only I found on Pinterest, so they are the property of their respective owners. Click on each image to view the artists & mPinterest Inspiration board for more inspiration images

If you are one of these artists and want your artwork removed, please email me.

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