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Project Mages

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In Azaridin, magic is essential to life and seven mages with uniquely colored eyes govern the land. Seventeen-year-old Adira is one of seven chosen to attend Owlorns’s School of Magics to become the next generation of mages, but she’s treated as an outcast because of her rare black eyes and ability of necromancy. Adira fears they’re right to hate her and isolates herself so she never hurts anyone again like she did her younger sister, Ember. Except Prince Stefan doesn’t take no for an answer. He treats Adira as royalty and soon becomes her friend because of his determination.


When an unknown entity siphons the fountain of magic and frames the murders of the seven elder mages on Adira and the other apprentices, they must unite to prove they didn’t kill their predecessors. Along the way, they fulfill tests to become full mages, search for a way to replenish magic, and somehow learn to work together.

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