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Writers' Resources

Get templates and worksheets to help you plan and write your novel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make a COPY of any Google Docs or Sheets provided below. Thank you.

*If you find any of these resources helpful, share a post of you using it on social media & tag me in the post. When you do, I'll give you a shout.*

Plan & Outline A Series

Get my template for planning a book series using Save the Cat Beats

Book Mapping Template

See your entire book with this plotting device. It's especially helpful during revisions.

Scene Cards in Trello

Find out how I make & use scene cards in Trello.

Goals Template

Get my template for planning your quarterly, monthly, weekly goals.

Story Beats & Scenes

Get a template to help you during revisions

Character Development

Tips on how to develop your characters

Using Notion

How to use Notion as a writer

Other Writer Resources

Resources from other writers

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